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This massage roller has the biggest step as well as the largest work surface, which enables to work on large parts of the body quickly. Rollers are applicators for .therapy with Lyapko Applicator: acupuncture/acupressure massage devices for We will tell you about a big family of Lyapko applicators (roller, plates, belts) .Amazing effective Acupuncture & Acupressure massage devices ➯ ✓ Pain relief ✓ Massage therapy ➯ ☆ Lyapko ☆ official website ➯ Rejuvenate the skin .Lyapko Anti-Aging Acupuncture Facial Roller 3.5 Ag 272 Needles. Premium Acupressure Active Massager. Total price: 9.40. Add all three.Buy Lyapko Universal Roller 3.5 AG 496 Needles. Premium Active Applicator Acupressure Massager Unique Patented Self Massage Therapy Tool.

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